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Owner: PearsonWright
Game: Minecraft
Gamemodes: Factions, SkyBlock, KitPvP, Practice
Opening Date: November 15, 2019
Development Team: !0x539, Disyer, Stefano, Monsterr
Build Team: Shaliquinn, Mysticcrew
Discord Server: RayzeMC Discord


RayzeMC is a Minecraft-based Factions, SkyBlock, and KitPvP server created by PearsonWright set to release in late 2019. RayzeMC will feature the most thrilling and enjoyable experience Minecraft has to offer, through numerous custom plugins, maps, storylines, and lore. Journey into the world of Valdemar, and explore all 11 of its unique and extensive regions - from the great and noble Kingdom of Eastmarch, to the shivering Fjordlands of Norwestria. Adventure awaits you, at

Some of RayzeMC's custom features include:

and more...

News and updates about the server are regularly posted on the RayzeMC Website Server Announcements.

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Lands of Valdemar
Custom Features
Gear, Kits, and PvP
Factions, Bases and Raiding

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